In the research area Information Systems | Software & Digital Business, we push the boundaries of knowledge and possibilities

Welcome to the research section! Your visit to this page shows that you share our curiosity about observing and questioning our world to better understand and shape it.

Our vision is to combine methodologically rigorous research with a practical orientation to achieve sustainable benefits for business and society.

In doing so, we work closely and intensively with companies of various sizes from many industries, mostly on a long-term basis.

We publish our research results in leading international journals (VHB-JQ3 ranking) such as:

  • Management Information Systems Quarterly (A+)
  • Information Systems Research (A+)
  • Information Systems Journal (A)
  • Journal of Information Technology (A)
  • European Journal of Information Systems (A)

Editorials by Prof. Dr. Peter Buxmann have appeared in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, the Süddeutsche Zeitung and the Harvard Business Manager, among others.

His book »Die Software-Industrie« (opens in new tab), published alongside Dr. Heiner Diefenbach and Prof. Dr. Thomas Hess, is available in its third edition. It is also available in English.

The second edition of the book »Künstliche Intelligenz – Mit Algorithmen zum wirtschaftlichen Erfolg« (opens in new tab), published alongside Prof. Dr. Peter Buxmann and Dr. Holger Schmidt, is a detailed presentation of the basic knowledge surrounding artificial intelligence, based on a large number of concrete applications. It is very easy to understand for non-specialist readers.