Welcome to the Software & Digital Business Group

Curiosity is the driving force behind our work. We are techno optimists. Open to unconventional ideas, we always look to the future – with the aim of making our world a little bit better through research, teaching, further education, lectures, media presence and digital innovations.

For many years, Prof. Dr. Peter Buxmann and his team have been working assiduously on the digitalisation of business and society. Because we are business information systems specialists, we don’t just look at the management perspective; we also explore the application of innovative digital technologies, like artificial intelligence, cloud computing, the metaverse, or ChatGPT (opens in new tab), but also simply the use of modern standard software.

At the same time, however, we nonetheless bear in mind that we must maintain responsible practices in our dealings with digital technologies whenever boundaries, guardrails and a values compass are required for their use.

But alongside that, the Software & Digital Business Group also simply functions better if we ensure trusting collaboration in our team, a culture of openness, and esteem for our partners from the world of business and research as well as for our students.

Close collaboration with business is a key component of our work in research and teaching. Our experience shows that both sides profit greatly from these alliances and collaborations. Together, we don’t just develop innovative solutions, we also make contacts which are very valuable for business and research, our team, and our students.

Our concept of combining our methodologically sound expertise with practical relevance and future potential is recognised both within Germany and beyond. Our study programme has regularly achieved top placings in the WirtschaftsWoche business magazine rankings for many years.

TU Darmstadt’s research in the area of information systems was awarded second place – Europe-wide – in the Association for Information Systems (AIS) Research Ranking. We regard this as both motivational confirmation of excellence and incentive to continue striving to excel.

AI in 10 x 10 minutes

In cooperation with the Bildungswerk der Hessischen Wirtschaft e.V., Prof. Dr. Peter Buxmann developed a training course specifically for companies on the topic of artificial intelligence in practical applications. The series of ten 10-minute short films is tailored to specialists and managers and provides pragmatic and application-oriented support for the implementation of AI projects in companies. Are you interested? Then you can find the course contents and further information on the BWHW (opens in new tab) website (trailer in German).

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»If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.«

Henry Ford, American inventor and automotive pioneer

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