Welcome to the practice section

Our vision and clear goal is to transfer the results of our research work to industry and society. We have been actively and successfully implementing this for years in close cooperation with our partners from industry.

We are particularly proud of the fact that the cooperations with our corporate partners are designed for the long term and usually last for many years – for us, this is a good indication of the satisfaction of our industry partners!

The companies and our team bring different competencies to the table
We cooperate within the framework of PhD programs and studies and support the development of new business models. In addition, we attach great importance to closely linking practice and teaching. Thus, cooperative supervision of students, in the context of final theses as well as through guest lectures by representatives of practice in our courses, is part of the cooperation with our partners from industry.

»For us, valuable cooperation means allowing competencies and opinions that make change and growth possible in the first place. Through intensive collaborations, we gain more experience, knowledge and implementation skills which can only be achieved together.« Prof. Dr. Peter Buxmann

Knowledge Transfer for Entrepreneurs and Management

Prof. Dr. Peter Buxmann has been active in the business world for many years as a senior advisor, speaker and supervisory board member. This is another way in which the exchange between companies and our team is strengthened – everyone involved benefits from the knowledge transfer in both directions.