Creating a Web Startup

Creating a Web Startup


Dr. Yossi Maaravi (IDC Herzliya, Israel)

The type and scope of the course

Credit Points: 6Foliensatz

Date of the course: February 14 till 18 2022, full day

Kick-off: October 25, 2021 Slides

Cycle: every winter term

Language: English


A total of 70 students can participate in the course due to the course format. For students of Wirtschaftsinformatik (M.Sc.) the course is compulsory.

Students from other programmes (Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen, Informatik, Sportmanagement and Incomers) are placed on a waiting list after registering for the course in TuCaN.

Participation in the kickoff is mandatory. Even Wirtschaftsinformatik (M.Sc.) students will lose their place when not participating. Potential free places will be filled from the waiting list randomly. Students who did not participate in the kickoff will be de-registered from the module in TuCaN.

In summary, the following steps are required for being considered in the allocation procedure:

  • Registration for the module in TuCaN
  • Registration for the course in TuCaN
  • Participation in the kickoff event

Participants will be informed about successful application shortly after the kickoff.

The application process is completed. All participants are still registered for the course in TUCAN. Unsuccessful applicants were de-registered in TUCAN.


In this course, students get an overview of the evolution of markets as well as the economic aspects of entrepreneurship.

The one-week crash course will offer a practical forum to support the foundation of an enterprise respectively a web startup. Students will get a feel for real-life venture creation by going through the steps of taking an idea from inception to launch. In the experiential learning course, Dr. Maaravi will give a frontal lecture on the topic at the beginning of each day. Afterward, the teams work on case studies. The methodology discussed in the lecture and the case studies will be applied to the venture idea of the students.

Further, the students will have to deal with intercultural aspects of entrepreneurship.


More information on the evaluation will be given during the kick-off meeting.