The Chair of Software Business & Information Management announces theses (Bachelor-/Master- and Diploma-Theses) from the areas of its main research. The current open theses are listed below:

If you are interested to write a thesis at the Chair of Software Business & Information Management you can apply for the announced topics. Please contact the respective supervisor via E-Mail with a current transcript of records attachted.

Principally, you can also suggest your own topic. in this case please enclose a one- or two-sided exposé with your application. This exposé should include the following points:

  • Description of the problem and the context
  • Formulation of the research question
  • Methodology and approaches that you plan to apply in your thesis
  • If necessary, a rough outline of the thesis

Similarly, supervision of a thesis in cooperation with an enterprise is according to prior agreement possibly. In case your company is interested in collaborating please contact us.

Guidelines and templates

Important documents

Templates for Microsoft Word

  • Word-template for theses
  • Fonts of the TU Darmstadt: must be installed to use the template (Access only after authentication with TU-ID).
  • Citavi Citation style
    Download by right-click -> “Save link as…” Citavi-Stil
    Manuel – Sharing citation style:
    Hint: If the reference has no year, please add “n. y.” (no year) in the field of the year

Recommended literature

  • Brink, Alfred (2007): Anfertigung wissenschaftlicher Arbeiten. 3rd ed., Oldenbourg-Verlag, München.
  • Disterer, Georg (2009): Studienarbeiten schreiben. Seminar-, Bachelor-, Master- und Diplomarbeiten in den Wirtschaftswissenschaften. 5th ed., Springer-Verlag, Berlin. (e-book)
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