Lab on information technology (Bachelor)

IT project management – practical course (Bachelor)


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Type and scope of the course

  • lab (0 + 6)
  • Credit Points: 9
  • Cycle: every winter semester


Compulsory for students studying Wirtschaftsinformatik (B.Sc.), 5th semester.

The passing of the exams “ Introduction to Information Systems I” and “IT-Project Management” is required for admission.


In this lab, students work in a team in cooperation with industry partners on a software project.

The aims of this lab are

  • Experience with autonomous implementation of a software project under practice-oriented conditions,
  • to train the use of modern development methods and tools,
  • To get soft skills in dealing with clients and with other team members,
  • fulfill various tasks within the project team.

Application Winter Semester 2015/16

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