Grundzuege der Wirtschaftsinformatik

Introduction to Information Systems


Prof. Dr. Peter Buxmann

The type and scope of the course

Lecture (2 + 0)

Credit Points: 2

Cycle: every winter semester


Compulsory for students studying Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen (Bachelor)


In this course the students get an overview of basics of Software Business & Information Management. The contents include:

  • Basics of information systems (tasks and targets of information systems)
  • Technical aspects (hard- and software, information and digital goods, packaged software vs. custom software, network and data management)
  • Organisation of IT in companies (organisation of Information Management, Outsourcing and Offshoring, Cloud Computing, Standardization and the Standardization Problem)
  • IT investment decisions
  • Information as a “resource” for decision making


All course material is available for download here: moodle