Digital Media

Digital Media (Lecture)


Dr. rer. pol. Niels Peter Thomas

Type and scope of teaching

Lecture, 2 semester periods per week

Date and place

The case study will take place from 1:30 pm to 17:00 pm on 8 dates:

  • 25.10.19
  • 08.11.19
  • 22.11.19
  • 06.12.19
  • 20.12.19
  • 17.01.20
  • 31.01.20
  • 14.02.20

Room: S103 / 209



Target group

Specialization for Master students

Subject focus

The processing and marketing of media (book publishers, newspaper publishers, the music industry, etc.) has undergone major technological upheavals in recent years, which have a direct impact on the business model of the industry concerned, but which also bring about and will continue to bring about fundamental changes in the entire media market. These changes will be analysed and embedded in the business theory. In particular, novel business models of digital media services will be discussed under the aspects of logistics, optimal pricing, innovation management, and other business concepts.

Organizational questions on case studies