Seminar SS2018_extern

Digitization and Start-ups

Usually two students are assigned one topic. In case of organizational questions please contact Nihal Islam.

Further organizational information


Registration for this seminar takes place through the central seminar registration of the faculty. There are 20 seats available.

Requirements for participation


Presentation of the topics

The presentation of the individual topics will take place on tbd in room tbd.

Choice of the topic

The choice of the topic is part of the meeting on tbd


  • Written composition: Bachelor: 10-11 pages per person; Master: 13-15 pages per person
  • Guidelines for scientific work must be taken into account. For further information click here IS_Guidelines
  • Seminar presentation (10 min per person)
  • Presence on all assigned appointments and active discussion participation


The elaborated topics are to be submitted by the end of February 2018 to the supervisor of the work or to the secretariat of the department. Expected are two printed copies (“soft binding”, ie adhesive, plastic or spiral binding) as well as a digital version of the work in the Word and PDF format by to Prof. Diefenbach.

Seminar session

The date for the final presentations of the seminar papers is still to be announced

Other indications

This seminar can be considered as a business administration or an information systems seminar