UHP Software GmbH

UHP Software GmbH develops individual digital products and services for customers in various industries. Market-leading corporate customers, as well as medium-sized companies or start-ups who want to implement innovative solutions in the web and app area in an agile manner, are counted among the corporate customers. UHP Software takes over the relevant services along the development process: business process and IT consulting, UI/ UX design, software development, quality assurance, rollout, training and support. The strong integration of the customer into the development process plays a central role in addition to agile implementation.

From a Class 1 medical device certified dosage calculator, to a medical device app, to complex web applications for sound analysis, the company has exciting customer references and is always looking for the next innovative digital challenge.

UHP Software GmbH was founded in 2014 and is based in Darmstadt, Germany. The company has 26 employees. (as of November 2017)

Further information is available at: www.uhp-software.com

L-One Systems GmbH

The L-One Systems GmbH has specialized on the development of web-based management systems. Mainly in the area of skilled trades business processes are visualized and are optimized and automated through cloud and mobile solutions.

Through Shaufelonline L-One Systems revolutionized the software market for garden centers (for more information see http://www.shaufel-online.de). The web application shows all business processes for the management of these companies. Over a smartphone and tablet application the gardeners are localized during work via GPS and are shown location based order and performance data. Together with the hardware partner CASIO and the European Space Agency L-One System is expanding in further markets. For more information on L-One Systems: http//www.l-one.de.


Yones is the abbreviation of „Your News“. The business idea of Yones is based on creating an individual, digital newspaper for every single user. Yones not only collects and personalizes countless free internet articles, but also valuable premium content in cooperation with renowned German publishers, creating a flat rate model for the users, comparable to Spotify with music.

More information on Yones:http://www.yones.net


iConsultants Logo

iConsultants was founded in June 2010. It is specializing in consulting firms on the usage of Social Web, especially Facebook. These strategic consulting services are complemented by the development of Facebook apps (see for example http://www.app-arena.com/). The activities related to Facebook marketing are further complemented by regular workshops. Learn more about iConsultants: http://www.iconsultants.eu


Scape Logo

Scape is a Strategic IT Management Consultancy specialized in the domains of Enterprise Architecture, IT Governance, and IT Risk Management. The firms' key competency is the management of complex system landscapes. Scape, which was founded in 2011, has special expertise in introducing (and realigning) Enterprise / IT Architecture Management processes and tools. As an Enterprise Architecture Office, Scape also provides architecture services of any kind including target architecture planning and architecture reviews. Scape considers itself an independent and trusted partner of Enterprise / IT Architects and CIOs building on long-term customer relationships. Learn more about Scape: http://scape-consulting.com


iperf logo

The need for innovation makes the performance of research departments a vital concern for both business and governmental organizations. The International Institute for Research Performance Management (IPERF) addresses this need and studies, develops and applies methods to enhance performance measurement and management in R&D. IPERF cooperates closely with the European University for Economics and Management in Luxembourg; the Institute for Entrepreneurship, Technology Management and Innovation at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology; and the Chair of Software Business & Information Management at Technische Universität Darmstadt. Learn more about IPERF: http://iperf.eu/