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Our work in research, teaching and practical cooperations is all about “Software & Digital Business”. We pursue an interdisciplinary approach, i. e. we investigate the extent to which innovative digital technologies and software solutions, but also new organisational and management principles, lead to a change of companies. The research at the Technische Universität Darmstadt in the field of Information Systems was awarded third place in an AIS ranking throughout Europe. More information on our research topics can be found here.

Our courses are aimed primarily at students of Information Systems, Industrial Engineering and Computer Science (with a focus on Information Systems). They are also open to other interested parties. Our primary objective is to make students fit for the current challenges associated with the digitization of business and society. In the Wirtschaftswoche, the quality of our Information Systems graduates was once again awarded first place. More information about our lectures, exercises, seminars and dissertations can be found here.

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Article Accepted for Publication in MIS Quarterly Special Issue “Managing AI”

We are very honored to announce that our paper has been accepted for publication in the leading scholarly journal MIS Quarterly:

Sturm, T., Gerlach, J. P., Pumplun, L., Mesbah, N., Peters, F., Tauchert, C., Nan, N., and Buxmann, P. 2021. Coordinating Human and Machine Learning for Effective Organizational Learning,” MIS Quarterly (Forthcoming).

In times in which artificial intelligence contributes its own knowledge to shape routines and innovations besides humans, how can organizations coordinate human and machine learning to learn effectively as a whole? To answer this question, we conducted a series of agent-based simulations that helped us observe the complex human-machine dynamics and their good and bad consequences for organizational learning.

To accompany the publication of the article, we also presented our study in an MIS Quarterly showcase and joined a podcast episode. Both can be accessed using the following links: