Agenda 2020


Time Program point Details  
status: 14.10.2020    
2.55 pm Warm Up Stream Start  
3.00 pm Welcoming Welcoming
Prof. Dr. Peter Buxmann
TU Darmstadt

Steffen Müter
Head of Fujitsu Service Delivery Central Europe
Timo Koppe
TU Darmstadt

Christof Schleidt
3.10 pm 1st talk Quantum computer – State of the Art
Prof. Dr. Johannes Buchmann
TU Darmstadt
3.45 pm 2nd talk Roche's Quantum Computing Journey
Dr. Martin C. Strahm
Head Data Science (pRED)
4.20 pm 3rd talk Optimized production planning (“Job Shop Scheduling”) with Quantum Inspired Optimization Services
Walter Graf
Fujitsu Distinguished Engineer
4.55 pm 4th talk Unstructured Information Management with AI and Argument Mining
Prof. Dr. Iryna Gurevych
TU Darmstadt
5.30 pm Conclusion